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Lulu by Snow

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have some lily of the vallleeeyyyyyy!!1 this pairing is adorable and i loooove the character designs and just admire nich0lael and passerineart's determination and positive attitudes ooooOO i really just wanted to draw liling and valencia together
maaaaan i never work with linearts because my tablet apparently doesn’t have a pen pressure function buuut i still wanted to try it out with this piece. i felt so limited having to color within the lines and they look all chunky so i won’t try it again until I’ve bought a better tablet

W-WHAT OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THIS ; __ ; 💕 ooh my goodness your style is just gorgeous and the colors are lovely and everything about this is just GLORIOUS ; //// ; wahh thank you so so much friend I love it and oh wow look a those EYEBROWSSS ; A ; 💕 so pretty oh my!!! I want this on my wall ngl hahaha ; /// ; THANK YOUUU